Love Over HateLove Over Hate
By: NovelRead

Chapter 25

  One year later...   It was another year when the autumn wind was bleak. Glen was standing on the corner of the street wearing a dark coat. His awe-inspiring appearance attracted many people on the roadside.   But he didn't notice it as his eyes drifted down along with a yellowing leaf and his expression was stunned.   He slowly returned to his senses until the fallen leaf was stepped on by a passing pedestrian.   He smiled bitterly. He was really devilish and he could be so fascinated by seeing a fallen leaf.   Glen looked straight, and when he was about to leave here, his movements seemed to be suddenly chopped off.   He looked at the figure not far away, and his brain suddenly exploded.   This time, if it were not for Harry's insistence, Lea would never want to return here for the rest of her life.   She didn't get on that plane at all, but with Harry's help, she went to other places.   However, Glen had so much power t

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