Love Over HateLove Over Hate
By: NovelRead

Chapter 24

  At that time, Glen was young and energetic, thinking it was the old man's mean curse. Now when he thinks of that old man, his eyes are clearly a reminder to him.   It reminded him not to take everything permanently. But how could he understand this when he was young? He was blindly immersed in the joy of success.   Thinking about it now, he thinks that he was really ridiculous at the time.   Everyone said that they were young and promising. They also said that the old Anderson had a great grandson even if he is not respectful to him.   However, these are not what I want at all.   Then, what does he want?   The man's thin lips pulled out a mocking smile. Is this a retribution?   Why would Lea get the retribution and not him?   Lea... Lea...   Although he completely defeated the Brown family, he also suffered a loss. Now there is no one in charge. If it weren't for some people who are as loyal as Tom, they would have long b

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