Chapter 99 Cover The Spot Where He’s Not Supposed To Expose

"Sorry, I... I didn’t know that you’re inside..." As soon as Bianca closed her eyes, it dawned on her that she should turn around and walk out. After closing the bathroom door behind her in a haste, Bianca blamed both grandpas for not telling her that Luke was inside, though at the same time, her face was also flushed with embarrassment… The two elderly men knew that their grandson was taking a shower in there. They, who had decades-long experience with relationships, knew very well that ‘intimate contact’ was necessary to improve a relationship between a man and a woman. This form of intimate contact could be in the form of physical intimacy or visual stimulus. Without stimulation, there would be no room for wild and fanciful thoughts. Without wild and fanciful thoughts, there would be no further development. Old Master Crawford acted as though he did not notice Bianca's embarrassment and moved a chair over to take a seat. He began peeling apples for Old Man Rayne. Bianca stoo

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