Chapter 96 He Was Both Fiery And Icy Which Made People Uncomfortable

“We’re not the right person for each other," Bianca forced herself to meet his eyes and said seriously. Only then would her words be believable. In the past two days, she had been bursting into tears and was very depressed. Now, there was a permanent sorrow in her eyes. With the permanence of sorrow in her eyes, when she looked firmly at someone and said something, it was believable. Luke looked down into her eyes. His eyes were still as deep and fiery as before. However, his eyes seemed to be filled with the dregs from crushed ice. Both fire and ice were intense in his eyes. It was something that would make people uncomfortable when they saw it. "I'm going to work." Bianca dodged the man's big hand and walked to the elevator. The elevator came quickly and she walked in. While she went down in the elevator, she struggled and had to breathe in the surrounding air gently. Bianca forgot to buy breakfast on the way and ended up going to the hospital hungry. The high-class ward wher

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