Chapter 94 Luke Who Had Drank Too Much

Jean walked out of his room and went to eat. Nina also went out with him. She told him that she was going to wash her hands in the bathroom first. After she made sure her brother was sitting at the dining table, she tiptoed into her brother's room again. She picked up the laptop bag and fiddled with it for a while. However, she realized that the lock could not be opened without the passcode. The material of the computer bag was special. It was not made of normal fabric and could not be cut open with scissors. "Sneaky man. I wonder what horrible things he’s up to." Nina was so angry that she wanted to smash his laptop. ... Nighttime had fallen. The black Range Rover slowly drove on the street that had surging traffic. Luke drove intently. He was wearing a black suit and white shirt which seemed to make his serious and distant expression look even colder. The first impression the man gave was always indifference. Bianca sat quietly in the passenger seat. "Do you mind if I smok

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