Chapter 946 The Two Children Are Very Protective of Bianca

Old Master Crawford chuckled. The two children loved their mother very much. Tommy also tugged Old Master Crawford's pant leg. Old Master Crawford lowered his head and looked at the little boy. "Do you have anything to tell me, Tommy?" "Great-Grandpa, if you scold Mommy like that again, I won't play with you anymore!" The three children looked at their great-grandfather determinedly. Old Master Crawford looked at the three children and shook his head helplessly. "Looks like you don't respect your great-grandpa after all." Lanie corrected him, "We respect you, and we love you, Great-Grandpa, but we'll have to point out your mistake." Since young, Luke had told Lanie that he should be righteous and just. Lanie thought that Old Master Crawford had not been just. "Alright, alright, I was wrong. I won't do that next time." Old Master Crawford felt comforted by the determination in Lanie's eyes. The Crawford family needed people like him to pass on the family legacy. Lu

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