Chapter 938 It Feels Good That the Family Is United

"… Stuffed pancakes." Luke had never felt so defeated in his life. As he took his hand out of the mixing bowl, pancake batter dripped from his gloves. He furrowed his brows, feeling slightly disgusted. Bianca tried hard not to laugh when she removed the gloves from his hands and washed her hands. "Let me do it." Luke knew that he was not going to succeed, so he stepped aside. Bianca put on the gloves and mixed the pancake batter. Luke had added too much water, so Bianca had to add more flour. Luke wanted to do something instead of just standing there. He cleaned up the chopping board and prepared the stuffing. Soon, the bowl of thin pancake batter was at the right consistency. Luke could not help but be impressed. After that, Bianca chopped up some chives. "Why do you want to make stuffed pancakes instead of normal pancakes early in the morning?" "I heard Tommy talking in his sleep last night." Luke was a light sleeper, and he would easily wake up if he heard any no

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