Chapter 933 Manipulative

"Shut up!" Grandma Hilton was fed up with Leia’s crying and weeping. Her gaze was cold as she played with the bangle around her wrist. "I'm talking to Brody, who are you to jump into the conversation like that? How rude! You call yourself Mr. Norman’s adopted daughter?" Brody coaxed, "Grandma, please don't be angry. Leia can’t control her emotions, she’s just trying to be nice." Grandma Hilton looked at the herbs on the coffee table, then at Leia's slightly bulging belly. She snorted coldly and said, "Brody, I love you, but do you think I’m old and confused? I know why she chose to visit today. Today is the day when your parents are coming back. She’s thinking that if your parents agree to it, she can then marry into the Hilton family. You’re blinded by love, don’t you see?" Leia wanted to marry into the Hilton family just because she was pregnant? Never! Grandma Hilton's attitude was unwavering. As long as she lived, she would never allow it. "Grandma, Leia is

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