Chapter 930 Boss Loves His Wife More Than Anything

Riley opened his eyes and there was a look of hatred in them. Rain did not say much, so she could ignore the few words she uttered from time to time and just be immersed in her sad world. However, she could not ignore Bianca's words... Riley tried to sit up, but her body was weak after the operation so she could not sit upright. Her hands trembled. "Bianca, stop pretending like you care. Go away!" Bianca had anticipated this reaction and put down the bowl. She stood by the hospital bed and bowed. "I’m sorry." Rain was surprised and uttered, "Madam?" Riley was taken back as well. "Bianca, what are you up to?" Bianca explained herself, "What I said yesterday was a little harsh and I’m really sorry that I hurt you." At that time, she just wanted to help her out of her fantasy and sorrow, but she never thought that it might be too much for Riley. Riley shrank in a corner warily, staying silent. Luke was the most powerful man in A City and s

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