Chapter 918 Who Was the One Who Harmed You?

Tommy slurped a mouthful of spaghetti and smiled. "It's delicious, Mommy!" Bianca wiped the tomato sauce from his face with a napkin. "Here, have some juice." "I love you, Mommy," Tommy gave Bianca a flying kiss after his mouth was clean. Bianca's heart softened. Seeing that her kids were happy, she felt as though she could weather through any storm. Luke and she would maintain the happiness of this family. After the caretaker clocked in for work, Bianca changed into casual clothes, put on a mask and sunglasses, and left the mansion. The reporters scrutinized every one of her actions. She had to keep herself in disguise. Sean brought her to the hospital. The car stopped, and Gale came over to open the door. "Good morning, Madam," he greeted Bianca. "Good morning." Bianca lowered the brim of her hat in case someone recognized her. The news had continued to spread throughout the night. If someone recognized Bianca, they would say that she was a murderer. The power

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