Chapter 916 Tommy Is a Big Boy Now

"What's wrong?" Bianca lowered her head and looked at Tommy. His round face was full of grievances as though someone had treated him unfairly. Tommy hugged her leg tightly and complained, "Mrs. Solana says that I can't sleep with you." The caretaker felt helpless when she heard the little boy say that, but she did not want to be too agitated in front of Luke. Bianca patted Tommy's head. Before she could say anything, Luke said, "Tommy, do you remember what I told you?" Tommy turned his head and looked at him. He thought for a long while before saying, "You said that I'm a big boy now!" "And you need to learn to be independent," Luke added the second half of the sentence that Tommy forgot. He bent over, patted Tommy's head, and picked him up. "That's why you should pick a room that you like and don't always cling to your Mommy." Tommy blinked innocently and reflected upon what his father told him. Eventually, Tommy compromised and jumped onto the floor. "Alright, I'll pick

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