Chapter 910 Luke Must Have Done Something

Lacey was beginning to waver. Melissa was not done yet. She shook Lacey's arm and said, "Aunt Lacey, if you like children, I'll give you one once Xavier comes to his senses and marries me. You don't need Riley's baby. Who knows if you're only raising a child for someone else?" Lacey became wholly convinced. "Alright, but that b*tch is already a few months into her pregnancy. We can't afford to wait if we want to get rid of it." Melissa hurriedly added, "I've asked the doctor that examined her. He said that the baby isn't firmly embedded in the placenta, and she'll have to be careful. Otherwise…" She pretended to hesitate. "Go on, Melissa! Otherwise what?" Lacey was anxious when she considered that the child in Riley's womb might not be Xavier's. "Otherwise, if she bumps into something, she might easily lose it." Melissa let go of her hand. Now that she had gotten Lacey on her side, it was time that the little b*tch left Xavier. 'Do you think that you're special just becau

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