Chapter 903 Your Cooking Satisfies Me

"It’s impolite to talk while you eat." Before Rainie got an answer from Bianca, she heard Luke's low voice talking to her. She protested, "Daddy, I haven't eaten yet." Bianca laughed and touched Rainie's hair. "Baby, eat your food. It won't taste as good when it's cold." Rainie smiled sweetly and answered, "Okay, Mommy." Luke looked at the hot instant noodles and two soft-boiled eggs. As before, she had made them with love. He picked up his fork, took a big bite, and commented, "It's delicious!" Bianca handed a fork to Tommy and was satisfied after she heard Luke’s comments. "You’re easily satisfied." "It’s your cooking that satisfies me," Luke corrected her. Bianca lowered her head slightly and took a bite of noodles. Even though it was nothing but cheap noodles, they were happy. ... The other side. Jason drove the drunk and unconscious Sue home. Although she had moved out of Nina's villa long ago and never told him her new addres

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