Chapter 901 Love Potion

Shireen felt like her innocence had been proven. She stood up and asked, "Who did it?" Jason said, "The person who downloaded the virus on the computer was David Muller, the security guard on duty in the building that night. He inserted a USB that carried the virus into a computer that was not turned off and it attacked all the computers connected to the internet. This person has been apprehended by the police and has confessed that the main culprit is Maxine Douglas of Capital Corp." Bianca listened and was not surprised. She had guessed it when she saw the handcuffs on Maxine. Shireen cried because she was finally able to prove her innocence. During the last couple of weeks, although Bianca had not said anything to her, her colleagues had all acted differently around her. They were extra careful when they were working on new designs around her as though they were afraid that she would steal their designs. In order not to annoy others, she tried her best

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