Chapter 899 He’s Here?

Bianca noticed that Sue's eyes were flickering with jealousy. Sue suppressed the loss she felt in her heart and raised a glass to Bianca. "Ms. Rayne, our company has overcome a crisis, we should celebrate. Cheers!" Bianca smiled and took a sip of wine. With Sue starting it off, the other employees were itching to have a toast with Bianca as well. "You’re not allowed to get Ms. Rayne drunk. She has a family. If she goes back drunk, she’ll have a hard time explaining herself. If you want to drink, drink with me." Sue stood guard in front of Bianca. She wanted to remind Sue that she also had two kids to take care of, but then she thought that perhaps Sue wanted to get drunk to get some thoughts out of her head. Everyone who worked in T Corporation was like family. Even if Sue got drunk, she would be taken care of. As such, Bianca went along with it. The other side. After Bianca left home, Luke had driven to the airport. Maxine Douglas walked ou

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