Chapter 897 Simple but Full of Love

Bianca massaged her tired eyes. "No. This client is quite picky." Luke sat down next to her and handed her the glass of milk. "You didn't eat dinner earlier. Have some milk." Bianca took a sip and reflexively licked the milk stains on her lips. It seemed quite seductive. Luke could feel his urges rising when he saw that. He bent over and kissed her. Bianca cried out in surprise and nearly dropped the glass of milk in her hand. Instinctively, she leaned toward the man. Luke's tongue carefully traced the shape of her lips. They tasted the sweetness of the milk between their mouths, which heightened the sensation of the kiss. Bianca could not resist Luke's passion. He only let go of her when the air in her lungs was almost depleted. "Bea…" Luke's voice was hoarse and seductive. Bianca gasped for air as she leaned on her. She would feel so spent every time after they kissed. "No." She could sense that Luke was planning something else, and she grabbed his hands. "I still n

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