Chapter 894 An Incident at Her Company

Bianca was startled by the caretaker's comment. After that, she found it funny. She pointed at the glass of milk and reminded the caretaker, "I'm having my period now. How can I be pregnant?" Her stomach would hurt immensely during her period. Moreover, she and Luke had always been careful. The chances of her becoming pregnant were negligible. The caretaker was not too sure and continued guessing, "Madam, what if it's not your period but an early sign of a miscarriage? You ought to take care of your health. This is no small matter. I've seen it happen to my daughter-in-law." Her daughter-in-law had suffered the same symptoms before. After an intense bout of stomach pain, the caretaker's daughter-in-law began to bleed. She treated it as though she was having a period until the blood did not stop flowing. When she went to the hospital for an examination, she realized that she had miscarried. That was how the caretaker lost her first grandchild, and she was afraid that Bianc

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