Chapter 88 As Long As I'm Sure That I Love You, It’s Enough

"Your friend gave me her key." Luke explained how he got the key in his hand. Bianca glanced at him to signify that she understood, but her eyes were still red and swollen from crying. Luke suddenly took two steps toward her to check what was going on with her. However, when he saw that she was frightened by him approaching, he took several steps back. It was clear that she was dodging him instinctively. Luke did not know why she was avoiding him. He carefully recalled that she did not reject the hot kiss when he leaned on her body in front of the car before going to bed when they were still in the small town last night. In fact, she was receptive most times and responded enthusiastically. Since they were in the car with the old man in the morning, he did not talk much with her due to the old man's presence. However, when they were conversing normally, she did not show such an alienated attitude toward him. It only started in the afternoon when he tried calling her but she did n

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