Chapter 878 This Man Is A Disaster!

The extraordinarily lavish wedding ceremony lasted until close to midnight. The guests slowly dispersed, and the lively venue resumed its peace. Luke and Bianca decided to have their honeymoon at the castle on the water. In the dreamy night, a black Rolls Royce adorned with flowers drove silently along a path among the woods toward the fairytale-like ancient castle. Countless fireworks illuminated the night sky, opening and closing like gigantic umbrellas. Bianca sat in Luke's embrace, looking at the beautiful scenery through the car window. She was entirely mesmerized. A firework's life was short, but it would give a lasting impression beyond its lifespan. Life was like that too. They might encounter multiple obstacles that stood in their way, but as long as they held each other tightly, they would be able to shine like fireworks. Their future would be as bright and blissful as they made it to be. The Rolls Royce slowed to a halt in front of the entrance of the c

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