Chapter 875 Luke, Who Had Survived Many Battlegrounds, Was A Little Nervous

Bianca’s wedding dress was made by the world-renowned wedding dress designer, David. It was the only one in the world, featuring three-dimensional tailoring made by an exclusive soft white yarn. The pure white dress made Bianca's skin glow like snow. The wedding dress was inlaid with three-dimensional hollow roses and diamonds, which showed off her slender figure. She had the delicate look of a young girl and at the same time, the coquettish side and glamor of a woman. At a glance, the stunning bride gave off the aura of a stunning beauty. Bianca looked like an effortlessly beautiful oil painting. She stood quietly, looking so radiant and breathtaking. She attracted the eyes of all the guests and Luke. Bianca looked at the magnificent wedding venue through the veil. She knew that her husband had decorated the place to suit her preferences. She could not help but smile from the warmth and joy she felt. She looked in her husband’s direction and saw Lanie and Rain

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