Chapter 869 Drama At The Dining Table

After all that had happened, Old Master Crawford now understood Luke's love for Bianca. He would ruin his relationship with Luke If he insisted that he go along with his wishes. Old Master Crawford was well aware of his grandson's abilities through how he handled the incident involving The Galleria. He was confident that T Corporation would thrive under his management. He was happy to go with the flow when it came to Luke and Bianca. After all these years, Old Master Crawford knew that Bianca was a wonderful wife to Luke and a great granddaughter-in-law. Her capabilities at work and personality were perfect. He would not stand in their way since the two of them truly loved each other. Once upon a time, Old Master Crawford had forced his son, Zachary, to marry and interfered in his private life. His actions had caused his son to renounce himself for many years. Since then, Zachary had acted rebelliously. Zachary’s married life did not bring him joy, and he

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