Chapter 860 I Won’t Keep A Ticking Time Bomb In the Household

Jack paused for a moment as he looked at Leia's pathetic demeanor. "Are you still trying to deny what you've done, despite all the evidence that's been laid bare in front of you? If you've been honest with me right from the start, I wouldn't have been so angry. Do you think that I'm an idiot?" Jack had to admit that the mountain of evidence presented to him was true. He was stunned when he first saw the evidence. He could not believe that his "considerate" daughter could be so ruthless in private. It took him a long time to accept it. Tears swished in Leia's eyes. Her back was straight, but her chest was heaving. "I only have one question for you, Dad. In all my years in the Norman household, have you ever treated me as your daughter? You've always been cold to me, and I can never figure out what you're thinking. You don't seem to like me no matter what I do to gain your favor. I thought that it's just how your personality is, but the truth is cruel to me… "Ever since Bianca

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