Chapter 853 Setting Her Up

Of course, Bianca did not say it. After all, she did not want anything to do with that man. Whatever he did was none of her business. The rest of the lunch was just as dramatic. Bianca enjoyed her meal while watching the comedy. On the other hand, Leia was the total opposite. The meal was tasteless, and she found it hard to swallow her food. After lunch, Brody and Leia looked at each other for a while, and he invited her to go shopping. Old Mrs. Norman stared earnestly at Leia, and she could only agree sheepishly. After the couple left, Bianca stayed at home and played chess with Old Mr. Norman. Old Mr. Norman was a skilled player, but Bianca was not bad either. That was how they spent the next two hours. While playing, Bianca and her grandfather chatted about architecture. Bianca was surprised that her grandfather was quite knowledgeable in architecture, even more so than some professional architects, even though he did not have a degree in it. That impressed Bianca qu

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