Chapter 827 His Wife Is A Lucky Woman

So what if Bianca had Luke's love? She had already been violated by another man! Even though Kassy's eyes were ruined, her face contorted viciously. She pointed in Luke and Bianca's direction and shrieked madly, "Have you seen the video of another man f*cking that b*tch, Matthew? I don't think you have. You shouldn't have been so calm. I don't believe any man could remain composed after knowing that he has been made a cuckold! You can look at that video. Hahaha…" Bianca looked at Kassy with pity. "Kassy, do you still believe that I had been violated? If you're so intelligent, why not spend some time wondering why I'm still standing here, if I truly have been violated? The truth might disappoint you. I was not violated at all." Kassy's body stiffened abruptly. "You're lying! I heard with my own ears that you were moaning and pleading for mercy. Why are…" Luke's expression sank. He wanted to hug Bianca tightly. Bianca smiled at him, indicating that she was fine. Then, she con

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