Chapter 815 All Injected Into Tommy’s Body…

Staring at the translucent, green fluid, Bianca suddenly had a bad feeling in her gut. She had no idea what Kassy wanted to do, but she could tell from the expression on her face that it was nothing good. Bianca realized that she and her children had landed themselves in big trouble today. Kassy strutted over to Bianca like a cat with the syringe in her hand. She noticed Bianca staring at the syringe, so she explained it to her, “Do you know what this is? This is an aphrodisiac specially made by the League of Shadows. With just one drop, even the purest of women will become the wildest, most promiscuous female in the world. Do you want to have a taste of this, hm? Say, if all of the liquid is injected into your body, I don’t think that all of the men here will be enough to satisfy you...” Bianca shook with fear when she noticed the sinister smile on Kassy’s face. This woman had the face of a goddess but a heart full of poison! The words that came out of Kassy’s mouth next made Bi

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