Chapter 813 The Woman In The Bright Trench Coat

Bianca looked around, observing her surroundings as if looking for an escape route… One of the thugs used the butt of their rifle and slammed it into her head before roaring at her, “You’d better sit still! I’m going to dig your eyes out of you if you look around again!” The eerie echo of his voice rang throughout the factory, making it sound even more spooky. Bianca moved her gaze away as she felt her head pulsing with pain from the blow. She glared fiercely at the thug who hit her in the head, but at the same time, they were already pushing her toward a metal pillar that had a girth of two grown adults. The pillar was at the gates of the factory. The vile thug tightly bound Bianca onto the pillar with a thick rope. The knots that he tied seemed to have no gaps in between them at all. Then, he gripped her face with his black, sticky hands as he snickered. “So soft, this little lady is so soft...” He had never given up his lust for Bianca. He grabbed her slender waist and sniff

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