Chapter 811 Who Would Win In This Big Bet

In the middle of nowhere. The heavy forklift brought Bianca's car to a remote place in the middle of nowhere. They viciously smashed the car’s windows with sledgehammers and then aimed guns at the passengers’ heads, forcing them to get out from the bulletproof car. Right after that, several black Rolls-Royce vehicles surrounded them. Many masked men came down from the cars and brought Bianca and the others captive. To prevent accidents from happening, the driver was taken to a different car from Bianca and her children. Bianca was thankful that the group of thugs were not completely heartless. She would have completely lost her mind and done something foolish if they separated her from her children. Bianca was taken to a military vehicle, and her phone was taken away. The thugs smashed it to pieces right before her eyes. Bianca’s mouth was covered with tape while her hands were bound. It was almost impossible for her to even move an inch. The three children were also tied up w

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