Chapter 808 Bianca Was The Apple Of His Eye

Susan continued to drink her tea, but in her heart, she despised Allison even more than before. This woman really did not have the slightest bit of shame. Not only did she become Zachary Crawford's mistress, but she also encouraged Old Master Crawford to remove her son's original spouse so that other more powerful women could take the top spot. She did whatever it took to achieve her goal. At this time, she was somewhat sympathetic to Bianca. Although Susan and Bianca did not see each other often, she had been maintaining a hostile attitude toward Bianca as she was Allison’s daughter-in-law. She had done unforgivable things to Bianca out of the hatred in her heart. There was no denying that Bianca was definitely a gentle and virtuous wife. She and Luke Crawford were the epitome of a ‘loving’ couple. She fought alongside him in the business scene while also being independent and strong enough that Luke's accident two years ago did not affect her one bit. She still lived elegantly.

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