Chapter 804 Ludicrous Demand

About ten minutes later, Allison entered the T Corporation building through a secret entrance. Her current appearance could only be described as pathetic. Her usually fair and well-maintained face was now black and blue and swollen all over. Her impeccably permed hair was also in a mess. Her arms and elbows were covered in bruises and bloody streaks. Even one of her high heels had gone missing. Jason nearly burst into laughter when he saw Allison's appearance. However, he had to put on a serious face so that he would not embarrass his boss's mother. "Why did you come to the company, Madam? You should've stayed at home." He pretended to be shocked. "The crowd outside is uncontrollable, and it's easy for you to get hurt. Did you forget that Mr. Crawford was seriously injured just last week?" He knew that there must be a reason why Allison would appear at the T Corporation building. Usually, when she wanted money, she would have made a phone call instead. Allison tried to stra

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