Chapter 797 The Culprits Will Soon Get What They Deserve!

Bianca gently called out to the man who was hard at work in the study. "Luke." Luke put away the document in his hand and looked up helplessly at her. "It's already so late. Why aren't you sleeping yet?" He sounded as though he was reprimanding her. Bianca gently blew on the hot drink in her hands, then handed the cup to Luke. "How can I sleep when you're still working? I've made some tangerine honey milk tea for you. Drink it while it's hot." Luke took the cup of tea. The golden color of the tea was beautiful. The tangerine pieces floating inside seemed tantalizing. He took a few sips and was impressed. "Mmm, not bad. The sweet and sour taste makes it very appetizing. I'm lucky that my wife can make such delicious tea. Come over here. Your lips are so dry, and you should have some tea too." "I'm not thirsty. This tea is made just for you." Bianca was not in the mood to listen to his flowery words or drink tea. So many things had happened recently, and that had exhausted

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