Chapter 795 Don’t Dodge the Question, Luke

The "answer" that they wanted was, of course, the amount of compensation that they would receive. Even without the families of the deceased protesting, Luke would be granting them the maximum amount. He might be the Cold-Faced Devil in the business world, but he was influenced by Bianca's kindness after spending a long time with her. However, he was unhappy that those people had surrounded the hospital. He wondered if they caused Bianca, who was back at home, any trouble. Luke turned his ice-cold gaze at Jason. "Are they bothering Bianca?" He did not mind being embroiled in controversy, but he hoped that the mob would not harass his wife and children. Bianca had stayed in the hospital for the past few days to take care of him. She was at her physical limit, and Luke forced her to go home and rest. Jason answered instantly, "Don't worry, they're not going to find her at the mansion. The security measures are tight there, and there hasn't been any trouble." "Mm, that's go

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