Chapter 792 Someone Is Outside the Door

Leia was half-naked on the bed with Wayne. She was panting heavily after the vigorous session when Wayne abruptly covered her mouth. "Shh…" "What's wrong?" Leia glared at Wayne unhappily while her limber body crawled onto Wayne's chest. "Someone's outside!" Wayne was acutely aware of his surroundings, even when he was making out with a woman. Leia broke out in a cold sweat, and she struggled to get up. "My mom must be back. Let go of me, you b*stard!" Even though the door was locked and Queenie would not barge in, Leia was scared that someone might catch her in the act, and she was even more afraid that her parents found out that she was harboring a wanted criminal. Instead of letting her go, Wayne cackled sinisterly. His movements became even more vigorous. "I'm in the middle of something now. Even God will have to wait until I'm done!" Leia could not believe what she heard. She thought that the man was insane. Her sharp nails dug into Wayne's shoulders, but that o

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