Chapter 780 Will You Be Arrested?

Bianca hurriedly tied up her messy hair and hurriedly left the site, intending to rush to T Corporation. Her eyes were red and swollen, while her black suit was stained with sand, mud, and debris. However, Bianca, who had always been obsessed with cleanliness, could not be bothered to clean herself up now. She was hoping to get a ride to T Corporation. The weather in September was unpredictable as it changed as it pleased. The sun was still shining a moment ago, but the wind suddenly turned violent and stormy clouds followed. The thunder rumbled, and torrential rain pattered against the windows. The rain fell ceaselessly, and the dark sky seemed like it was going to burst at any second. The wind carried the rain while the rain urged the wind like they were chasing one another in a competition. The city was covered by a misty curtain of rain. The weather was already terrible, and because of the accident at The Galleria, there was heavy traffic on the

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