Chapter 776 Bianca Fell Sick

Bianca's heart was beating wildly. She had the urge to run out of the door. Her anxiety reached a maximum as she saw the office door that opened suddenly. Many scenes from horror movies flashed past her mind. A lot of ghost stories happened in offices around midnight. Was she going to encounter one in real life? Bianca began to regret not leaving the office sooner. Why must she stay in the office alone to work overtime? The footsteps got closer and closer, and she trembled more and more violently… A handsome and graceful figure appeared in front of her. The man was dressed in a light-colored suit that made him look like a model. The sculpted features and profound gaze made him look like a marquis in an oil painting. That person was none other than Luke Crawford. Bianca heaved a sigh of relief. She opened her eyes wide in surprise. "Why did you come here?" She knew that Luke was a workaholic. Most of the time, he would get off work later than her. Why did he have the tim

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