Chapter 773 Leia Slit Her Wrist

Mavis narrowed her eyes and glared at Nina. Her well-manicured hands rapped her desk. "What did you see?" Mavis's tone was unlike her usual coldness. It was stern and close to savage, which made Nina shudder uncontrollably. She tried to maintain her composure and tried her best to speak calmly. "I didn't see anything, Ms. Laviere. Right, I'm here to ask you about my transfer. I'd like to remain in A City and not transfer to Snowdon District because my father has ill health, and it'll be easier for me to take care of him if I remain here. Can you reconsider your decision?" Mavis leaned back on her chair elegantly, rested her chin on her hand, and chuckled coldly. "The company has arranged the transfer, and it's not good if you want to change it. Also, Ms. Langdon, if every employee starts giving excuses like you, would the company prosper? It's natural that every employee wants to stay in the big city. Who would be the ones to explore the company's frontiers then? I respect my e

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