Chapter 770 The Sounds From the Room...

Bianca instantly hung up. She seemed angry as she did so. Luke gently held her cheeks and kissed her. "Why are you so angry? You should control your emotions, my wife. It's not worth it to lose your temper over someone else's business." Bianca nodded and tried to calm herself down, though she could not help but say, "I thought that Mr. Doyle is an assertive man looking at how he is at work, but I didn't expect him to be so unreliable. He's been dragging his feet when it comes to the problem with his ex-wife, and Sue is the one who has to suffer. Sigh… Sue is unlucky to marry him." "It's up to them to sort it out, and there's only so much that we can do for them. If Jason can't remove the biggest obstacle between him and Sue, then he won't get anything in the end." "Mm. I'll try to contact Sue," Bianca replied, then went through her call records. She received a call from an unknown number earlier in the afternoon, and she guessed that Sue must have changed her number. There

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