Chapter 76 Slept With Someone Right From The Start?

"But……" Bianca was hesitant and had many concerns. Today was the second day that she and Luke were officially dating. It was too soon to meet his family for dinner. To be honest, she had not mentally prepared herself yet. In addition to that, another very realistic and cruel problem was that Luke was way over her league in terms of their background. "Don't feel pressured. In terms of our family, I’m actually no better than you. If you look into my family, we’re basically the same." Luke guessed what she was concerned about. "..." Since he put it that way, there was no way Bianca could deny it. Since getting the call from Luke, Bianca felt as if a big rock was pressed against her chest. She felt out of breath and assumed that weight would only be lifted once she met his family. Her phone rang a few more times again. Bianca saw that they were all from Jean. She did not answer nor decline. She merely ignored the calls as if she never heard them. At that moment, Bianca was g

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