Chapter 760 Madam Moved Your Belongings to the Guest Room

The weather became cooler, but the sun was shining brightly. Bianca brought Old Master Rayne to the back garden. There was a pond in the back garden, in which the water lilies were in full bloom. The slender flower stalks were like the necks of graceful swans, supporting the big flower petals. Old Master Rayne seemed to be in good spirits, though he continued to struggle to speak. "B… Bianca… why isn't… Luke… here…" Bianca stopped pushing the wheelchair. She went in front of her grandfather and crouched down. "Grandpa, Luke has been busy recently with several major projects that need his approval, and so he moved to the company for the time being. He'll be back when he finishes his work." Bianca knew that her grandfather's mind was still sharp even though he could not speak properly. That was why she lied to him. She knew that he would be worried if he found out that Bianca and Luke were not on speaking terms. Old Master Rayne nodded stiffly. "Mm… I… I'm feeling a lot… be

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