Chapter 758 She Thought That They Could Not Go Back to Before

Luke's words were more shocking than the booming thunder outside the window. Bianca's body was trembling slightly. She shook her head in despair, and she asked with an extremely soft voice, "So the man that night was you? So the reason why the room was reserved with my ID was that you know it very well? So that's why the clothes on the bed fit me perfectly, because you planned all that?" Luke's hawk-like eyes narrowed slightly when he saw how Bianca was holding back her tears while asking those questions. "I'm sorry, I didn't know what I was thinking back then. I didn't expect the incident to cause so much harm to you. I thought I'd teach you a lesson not to easily trust others. I didn't mean anything else. I didn't expect…" Bianca glared at him. Her gaze was hollow. Her frail body was as weak and helpless as a leaf floating on the surface of the water. Suddenly, she started to laugh. She bit her lips tightly, which made for a sorrowful yet beautiful scene of despair. "Do you

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