Chapter 756 The Truth Is About To Come Out

Bianca anxiously went to buy a pregnancy test. When she came back, she could not wait to do the urine test. When she saw the positive result on the pregnancy test, she was dumbfounded and shook her head helplessly. She was close to crumbling. Why was fate playing such a trick on her? It was bad enough that she had been raped by a strange man. The matter had already plunged her into the abyss, so why did fate continue the horrible game and make her pregnant with the man's evil seed? She had clearly taken Plan B a month ago! No! She absolutely would not have this child! This child would haunt her about the day she got raped! She did not want the man's dirty blood inside of her! "Ah..." Bianca punched her stomach like a madwoman while hysterically screaming, not holding back any strength. ‘Let me just die! I’ll go to hell with this child!’ When Queenie heard the commotion in the room, she realized that something was wrong and slammed the door open from the outside. When she sa

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