Chapter 745 The Atmosphere Between Two Men Signals A Showdown

Everyone was gorgeously dressed in the banquet hall and the atmosphere was lively. When Luke and Bianca suddenly appeared, there was a brief silence before an uproar followed. The noise almost drowned out the music flowing in the luxurious hall. The people at the banquet were all influential people. Even though there were many handsome men and beautiful women, none of them were as perfectly matched as the couple that just appeared. That was because they were a rare sight to see, so the moment they appeared, they stole the hearts and breaths of many people. The man had short black hair and was wearing a clean white tuxedo with diamond-studded platinum cuffs, which was very exquisite. In front of his slender neck, he also had a black silk bow tie that elongated his tall figure further. He looked incredibly handsome. The man in front of everyone made the ordinary tuxedo look even more elegant, especially with those energetic eyes of his that were as deep as the sea and as cold as ice.

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