Chapter 743 Luke Could Really Mess Someone Up

By the time Luke and Bianca left the amusement park, it was almost ten o'clock at night. He took Bianca to a romantic candlelit dinner, and by the time they got home, it was well past midnight. The three children were already quietly asleep. Blanche and Rainie slept in separate rooms, while little Tommy was still sleeping with Bianca and Luke for the time being because he was still young. Bianca actually felt a little guilty about leaving the kids to go out with her husband for a romantic getaway. After gently kissing each of them on their foreheads, she went to the bathroom to wash up while Luke went into the study. After Bianca finished washing up, she saw that the lights in the study were still on. When she passed by the door, she heard sounds of typing on the keyboard. Bianca frowned and knew that Luke was working overtime again. She knew how hard it was to be the CEO of a large corporation as she had been the interim CEO for the past two years. It was very stressful and

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