Chapter 741 His Wicked and Dazzling Smile

When they heard Rainie's sweet and soft voice, Bianca, Luke, and the entire group of people followed her voice to find her. "Mommy..." Rainie's small, thin body was almost drowning inside the dense flower field. Even so, she still answered loudly, "Mommy, I'm here..." Rainie had thought that the place where their art teacher brought them to for live sketching was not beautiful enough. Although the little girl was young, she had a good sense of aesthetics, so she chose another spot to do her live sketching according to what she liked. That was why Rainie initially picked a place somewhere near where her teacher and her classmates were doing their live sketching. Without knowing it, however, she walked into the endless flower field and soon became fascinated by this beautiful spot. She then decided to stay there to draw. She did not expect that the place would be so big and everything would look the same. When she tried to leave, she realized that she could not remember the way out.

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