Chapter 73 Made Sure Luke Was Killed

At the Crawford Manor. A huge spread of Chinese-style breakfast was laid on the dining table. The old man had not been sleeping these few nights. He woke up easily whenever he heard tiny movements in the middle of the night. That grandson of his seemed to make a good show out of it. Every time he drove back in the middle of the night, there was always a lot of noise when he parked his car in the garage. It was hard for the old man to ignore his grandson when he had a spring in his walk and brought a breeze when he drove. However, the problem lied there. A diligent workaholic who only cared about his company had not been working overtime in the company recently and was not at home either. ‘So where does he go in the afternoon till night time? ‘Especially last night when he came back even later than usual!’ The old man secretly took his little great-grandson to ask him about it. The honest kid gave him some bad news. "Great-grandpa, Daddy tosses and turns in his sleep when he’s

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