Chapter 733 His Eyes That Were Brimming With Indulgence

Bianca hastily put on her slippers and rushed out of the door. She did not even realize that she knocked over a vase. Tommy ran across the yard with his short legs and stretched his arms toward the man that just came out of the parked car. "Daddy, gimme a hug!" Luke picked up the little boy in his arms and straddled him across his shoulders. "You're finally calling me Daddy. Tell me, what do you want me to buy for you this time?" The man's expression was cold, but his gaze was brimming with care and indulgence. "I don't want anything, Daddy. I miss you!" The cute little boy planted a kiss on Luke's cheek and slobbered all over his face. Luke helplessly wiped his face. His son was getting better and better at flattery. The little boy was jealous of him when they first met in Russia. Now that they were back home, he seemed to be quite clingy toward his father. "Daddy, Lanie already has his own car. When can I have one of my own?" Tommy stared at his father with his puppy ey

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