Chapter 721 A Bolt From The Blue!

Wanda was touched when she saw how Luke defended Bianca. Bianca had chosen the right man to spend her life with. She found a good man who loved her and protected her. Under his protection, no matter how arrogant and defiant Allison was, she would not be able to harm Bianca. Old Master Crawford looked around and realized that Tommy was not with them. His questioning eyes fell on Bianca as he said, "By the way, where’s my dear Tommy? Why isn’t he here? You didn't lose Tommy, did you?" Tommy was only a little over two years old. He was Old Master Crawford’s pride and joy. Although he was naughty, his cheeky appearance often made Old Master Crawford laugh. Old Master Crawford liked him even more than the twins. Bianca said, "Grandpa, my parents missed Tommy, so I sent him to the Norman residence to spend some time with them. I’ll bring him over in two days." "Bring him here as soon as possible! Tommy’s surname is Crawford, he has no business staying in the Norman r

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