Chapter 718 Finding The Right Timing

Paramount Hospital, A City. When Bianca and Luke rushed over, the red light outside the operating room was still on. Wanda Rayne sat on the bench in the corridor like a stiff puppet and stared blankly at the red light. Her sickly face appeared paler, and her expression was filled with numbness as well as sorrow. "Aunt Wanda..." Bianca quietly walked to Wanda. She suppressed her grief, squatted next to Wanda, and held her cold hand. "How’s Grandpa now? How did it happen? How did he fall?" Wanda's pale and tired face worried her. The last time Bianca saw her was two weeks ago. Aunt Wanda, who was once as full of life like a peony in full bloom, now looked shriveled and skinny. Her alluring beauty had dissipated. If the woman in front of her did not share the same face as Aunt Wanda’s, Bianca would never have thought that they were the same person. However, Wanda did not seem to hear her. She did not respond and continued staring blankly at the operatin

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