Chapter 709 He Knows That She Is Exhausted

Bianca was still sleeping after the sun rose. She lost count of the number of times Luke had entered her last night. She was thoroughly exhausted. He hugged her soft and fragrant body. Under the first rays of sunlight, she was like a blooming flower. It just felt so good to hug her. He did not want to get up. Bianca seemed to be troubled by her dreams. She frowned slightly, and her body curled up like a lazy cat. Occasionally, she let out a slight moan. Luke made sure that she was in a comfortable position. He brushed the strands of hair on her forehead, then gently kissed her clean forehead. His indulgent gaze fell on her peaceful sleeping face. Her brows were thin and elegantly curved like paper fans. The three children inherited her long and curly eyelashes. Luke could not help but gently touch her eyelashes and lightly pull her eyelids. He loved to see her dark pupils that were pure and clean like spring water. Somehow, he clearly remembered the first time they me

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