Chapter 706 That Handsome Mr. Crawford

Luke casually walked out of the mall. The "woman" stood out in the crowd. "Her" appearance was unique, and "her" mannerisms were elegant and graceful. Kassy glanced at Luke suspiciously, thinking that the woman seemed to be abnormally tall. However, it was not unusual for a woman in Russia to be over six feet in height. Kassy pointed at Luke domineeringly and ordered him, "You! Take off your sunglasses!" Luke smiled and did what he was told. His fair face was brought into view. Kassy frowned. That beautiful "woman" had a pair of bewitching eyes, and they looked somewhat familiar. Soon, she banished that thought. A man as prideful as Matthew would not stoop to disguising himself as a woman. Moreover, Matthew's skin was a healthy bronze color, while that woman was fair. They were not similar at all. She waved impatiently at Luke. "Go away. Stop wasting our time." The men in black let Luke off. Kassy continued to search for Luke in the crowd. None of those people m

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