Chapter 698 Bianca Rayne’s Husband

The sun was setting. Luke drove a fishing boat on the surface of the sea. From afar, he could see a luxury cruise ship. The cruise ship was brilliantly lit. There was a party going on. He had been to such occasions before. He knew that people from the upper layers of society loved to host tacky events like those to flaunt their family's wealth. He narrowed his gaze and thought of an idea. Instantly, he abandoned the fishing boat, dove into the sea elegantly like a swordfish, and swam toward the cruise ship… In the VIP cabin of the cruise ship. A young and handsome man was dressed in the classic English style. His skin was more delicate than a female, and his deep blue eyes and sculpted mixed-blood features inspired romance. He stood tall and straight like a noble in front of the window, looking down at the hall while slightly frowning. He seemed like a gentleman, but his thin lips were slightly pressed together in disapproval. In front of him was Shanna, a sweet, ch

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